We are a small family business that believes all memories, past and present, should be loved and cherished forever. At Curtis-Smith Studio this is something that we take great pride in when people are choosing a memory or memorial gift.  Making quality products is what we are known for – we don’t cut any corners or take short cuts when it comes to our gifts.

The skill time to custom design a gift and the attention to detail is something that is used in every handmade gift that we create. We make our handmade gifts to order and ensure that we produce a first class product every time.  Curtis-Smith Studio is honoured that you have chosen to share your memories with us; therefore all of your treasured memories are treated with the care, respect and the dignity that they deserve.

We are confident that we can capture some of your treasured memories like a lock of hair, wedding flowers, funeral flowers or sadly the ashes from a loved one or a beloved pet, in one of our handmade gifts. Our memory gifts are personally designed by us which make it personal for you, and no machinery is used in the process, so no two gifts would be the same, as the one off design is unique to you, making it extra special as well as creating another memory for you.

However should you not with to have a custom made design, then we also have a beautiful range of other gifts that are available for bereavement or as memory gifts, so hopefully you will be able to find that special suitable gift.