Candles often feature in today’s funeral services, but what does lighting a candle symbolise when it comes to remembering a loved one? And what is the best time and place to carry out this tradition?

Lighting a candle for a loved one is a common gesture, but the symbolism can vary with different cultures. For example, candles play an important role in different religious ceremonies, each with their own unique customs and traditions. But even those who do not identify with any religious tradition or faith can benefit from a memorial candle, as this gesture also carries non-religious symbolism as well.

The flame is often considered a source of guiding light in total darkness, which can symbolise the essence of hope for those who are grieving. For people that keep an urn of ashes at home, they may find it soothing to include one or more candles near the urn, where lighting the candle can provide a moment of peace to remember loved ones. The flickering of the candle can also provide a time of reflection and treasured memories.

Memorial candles may also be lit on special occasions to remember a loved one.

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